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Otermans & Groten Fine Art Gallery

A.E. „Dusty“ Durrant

SAR South African Railways
South African Railways class 14CRB 4-8-2 No. 1777 heads a passenger train on the Umtata line at Spiral - 6th July 1968. It had been built by the Montreal Locomotive Works under works number 58653/1918, as a variant of the earlier class 14 series. The 14C type was ordered from Canada, due to supply difficulties in Europe following WWI. Its complex class suffix comes from a number of modifications made over the years: the "R" signifies reboilering with the SAR Standard No. 2 boiler; the "B" for rebalancing to reduce hammerblow when running at speed and allow operation over 60lb rail on branchline duties.

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