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Otermans & Groten Fine Art Gallery


Our collection of original negatives includes both antique and vintage negatives.

Our range includes works which we consider to be historically significant as well as works of high documentary and aesthetic value. We also offer a selection of landscape photographs, chosen for their distinctive aesthetic quality.

The negatives have been digitally restored by us with the utmost care so as to achieve acceptable prints.
Our aim is to make this collection available to our customers. We offer all photographs as a strictly limited-edition prints.

Each edition is limited to 10 prints. A certificate stating the size of the limited edition and the respective print number is attached to every photographic work.

We recommend the framed barite print. The gray value settings and the choice of paper are carried out in collaboration with known and trusted professional photographers and not anonymously in an industrial laboratory.
This means that we can discuss matters face to face and stay involved so that the solution found is appropriate for you. Of course, more modern alu-dibond or laminate variants are also available on request. Please ask us about delivery times.


Architecture & People


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